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The Black Truffle
of Périgord

History of Truffle Sibourd

The Truffle Sibourd comes from a story of a family’s passion for the mysterious black truffle that brings them from the beautiful region of the Southern Alps to the peaceful countryside of Périgord where the capital of the Black Truffle is situated.

The family Sibourd has always had a passion for the French gastronomy.
So it is only natural that we feel in love with one of France’s most precious tradition, the Black Truffle of Périgord.

Our truffle plantation is located in Lalbenque, capital of fresh Périgord truffles in the department of the Lot. Our truffle fields are made up of holm oaks and pubescent oaks which produce fresh Périgord truffles also called Tuber Malanosporum.

Our family has planted a total of 5 hectares of Truffle Oaks in 2010 and 2012 and cared for the truffle plantation for 10 years. It is with much patience and perseverance along these years where we see our plantation grow that we finally harvest our first Black Truffles in 2020.

Today, this passion is transmitted between three generations from parents to grandchildren and we hope to continue to bring to you refined and quality Black Truffles in many years to come.

Our Product

Tuber melanosporum, also known as the Black Truffle of Périgord is an excellent quality of Black Truffle that grows in the Southwest of France..
Our Truffle Oaks are from Robin Pépinières as their truffle plants are developed using mycorrhization techniques certified and controlled by INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) which is a guarantee of superior quality.

We have cultivated 5 hectares of this variety of truffle in the town of Lalbenque in the Occitanie region where the soil is rich in calcium (PH 7.5) that allows optimum development of our Périgord truffles.

Along with constant care for our Truffle Oaks, we aim to carry on the tradition of the French Truffle and bring to you Black Truffles of excellent quality. Our product is natural as we do not use pesticides or fertilizers.

The harvest of our Black Truffles is between December and March. They are harvested when ripe, sorted, quality checked and packed with greatest care to ensure that you receive a product of constant quality.

Our truffles are slightly rounded, more or less regular and lobed. The earthly rich scent of our black truffle will refine and sublime your culinary dishes bringing to you a taste of the Southwest of France.

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We vacuum sealed our truffles from Lalbenque for shipping to preserve their freshness

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Translation by Sherlyn Sibourd